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What To Do When Hosting Kid-Friendly Painting Party

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Hosting kid-friendly painting party for your kids and their friends is more fun as you can imagine and a way to brings kids together during summer holidays.

Though you might think it is an avenue for them to get a little messy, stir up the creative ideas on their mind and get entertained.

However, painting parties are a fun-filled social activity that adults have enjoyed in the past while children tend to find it more interesting nowadays.

For example Paint blasting and creative painting help them a lot in creating ideas out of the visual design and increases their intellectual thinking.

Hosting such at home with is a piece of cake, wines and cheese, with a company of grown adults experimenting with oil paints and letting the kids play with washable acrylics paints.

This is a good way to bring families and friends together and letting the kids to know themselves and have a good time.

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Materials Needed For Your Painting Party

1. Acrylics paints (which is washable and a good option for kids)

paint party colours

2. paper plates for paint

4. canvases (high quality paper that can be framed)

3. paintbrushes

4. Paint palettes ( to cut cost you can use paper plates so far it friends and family paint party. And moreso to make the paper plates more appealing, use a cutter to cut out a circle or any shape you want).

5. Easels or Tripod stand (get a handle number of them to help the kids to paint simultaneously on their canvases without having to wait for each other).

6. Tissue paper (for cleanup of paints and stains).

7. water and a bowl (for cleaning brushes).

8. And lastly little decorations to give the party a nice look.

These are the materials you will need to host a paint party alongside side some edibles to entertain your guest. However, you might feel you should include other things that will give the party a memorable experience.

Get a variety of paintbrushes for your guests, and don’t underestimate how many the kids will manage to use in a single painting.

Also be on stand-by to help the kids rinse the brushes too, to minimize after party clean up.

Tips To Help The kid To Make Meaningful Paintings

  • Sketch with pencil first to give kids clearer plans and vision to execute their painting abilities.
  • Provide a hairdryer for the kids in other to help them to make use of it to dry out blasted paints on artworks to give them a clear colour layer and reduce painting time.
  • Encourage the kids to paint to the theme of the party. For example “Dancing Monkey” as the theme of the party, do well to persuade the kids to paint a meaningful artwork representing the party theme.
  • Make sure each child inscribed their name on their finished art either on the wooden frame or in the lower corner on the front of the frame.

At the end of the party, don’t forget to take a photo with all of the kids standing together, each displaying their artwork. This helps the kids to have good memories and time spent with friends and family.

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