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Top 6 Lucrative Business Ideas In Nigeria Today

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Having a lucrative business ideas in this period in Nigeria has become very vital, for obvious reasons, there are no jobs anywhere due to the effect of the Pandemic, many people have lost their jobs due this cause but humanity and survival has to continue.

One thing that is booming now is the creative or service industries because people are seeking services online now more than ever. We all today must come to terms that “It is not what is done but how it is done that makes the difference in our lives”. Hence, knowing the right business opportunities is golden opportunity.

What is basic and constant in all are the processes and steps involved in creative business ideas. With the opportunity of social media today, starting a small business in Nigeria has never been easier than now.

Not every entrepreneur starts with a specific business idea or plan in mind. And with so many small business ideas in Nigeria today, it has become even more complex and competitive to choose one.

It may seem like a good business ideas or best small business ideas at first but they are not. The most successful small business ideas in Nigeria come from people who work for someone or a firm before and they believe they can do better than where they are.

Some other businesses owners they usually start as employees or trainees from big firm that are grounded, and then gradually build skills and experience before hitting a business opportunity in Nigeria or Africa. With the right thought and determination, they can fulfilled their own small business dream and make their dreams come true.

Top 6 Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria Today with Little Capital Startups

For beginners with the good skill set, but without a lot of capital and business experience, below is a list of lucrative business ideas in Nigeria, I mean a lucrative business that is 100% realistic in short time frame, guarantee if strategically carried out it will yield good result.

1. Football Viewing Center Business

The love for football in Nigeria is overwhelming from the time multi-choice company arrived (share holder of DSTV and GOTV), hence football viewing has become widely rampant and viewing centers are increasing in number.

The huge recurring increase in tariff from cable TV has made a large percentage of football loving fans to patronize local viewing centers around them. All in all what is needed to start this business is a large TV screen size preferably 42 inches size, a decoder and a large sheltered space.

2. Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria and the world at large. There are no mincing words about this business, People will always need a roof over their heads, it is a basic law of nature and getting a roof or shelter one need the service of a real estate firm or agent.

As the population continues to increase, and as status increases, real estate business will continue to boom and boom. As people move from cities to cities, this business keeps booming more and more.

Real Estate is a serious business in Lagos and Abuja and some other states in Nigeria as a whole. There are a lot opportunities in the real estate business now.

You can choose to work as an agent helping people find properties and apartment for fee or commission, there are lots of website doing that today online. Also helping property owners and landlords find buyers or tenants and a fee or commission for rendering such services.

You can also develop properties in highly sought-after environments solely for sale or rent or lease. invest in lands and develop them, then them sell off when it appreciates, this is one of the easiest way to make good profit in real estate.

3. freelance writing

Do you have a good writing skills, then you can start a writing and content creation business since a lot of organisations, blog owners and even individuals do hire writers for their articles and write-up this make its lucrative when you organize yourself and focus on delivering good work.

All you have to do is providing your services on freelance basis, or payment based service. To know more on how you can start offering freelance writing services, google search for “Writing freelancing websites” to see available writing freelance website that you can apply for.

4. Blogging/vlog

You can learn how to start blogging, although blogging is a passion based thing but lately people are going into without even having passion for it, it is what the world has to turn, need for survival and diversification has to be meet.

blogging is quite easy and lucrative when you write and post about topics that match your expertise or probably a lifetime experiences to an audience.

Also Blogging is a good way to showcase your expertise and knowledge based in other to attract people that needs them or target audience. You can learn how to start up a blog easily by watching a video tutorial on YouTube.

But before you can set up a blog just have it at the back of your mind that you are going to be needing these two important things, Domain name and hosting (free or paid).

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5. virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant can provide various types of online services to businesses and professionals including email organizations and communications, social media scheduling and bookkeeping and accounting. So you can start a virtual assistant business as far as you have experience in those areas or field. Check for job opportunities on Upwork or Freelancer.

6. Home Cleaning Service

For those who enjoy cleaning or at least keep this in mind that cleanliness is a priority in our daily lives, you can start a home cleaning business, a simple and direct route to source of income, without waiting for monthly pay.

I see opportunities for this now and then, especially in Lagos where everyone seems never to have time for cleaning of their offices, houses and even their laundry chores.

There are tons of business ideas one can look into in Nigeria of today and succeed, well, It is not really what you do that makes the difference but how you do what you do out there and your uniqueness.

Pick one of the business ideas, improve upon what has been offered in the industry or market, create a better product/service,apply uniqueness and in no time you will have a strong brand and generating passive income for you.

However, with of these your online presence too matters a lot in other to know how well you can reach out to potential brands to partner with and also your target audience.

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