How to make Homemade pepper spray in 5 steps

How To Make Pepper Spray At Home In 5 Steps

What is Pepper Spray? Pepper spray is a chemical compound that irritates the eyes causing a burning sensation, pain, and temporary blindness also known as capsicum spray. Why do you […]

utilize this covid-19 lockdown period

How To Utilize This Covid-19 Lockdown Period

Utilizing This Covid-19 lockdown period Obviously the covid-19 viral outbreak or should I say pandemic is all over the globe as we all know. And this has kept us willingly […]

Mtn 1.5gb for as low as N200 on MyMtn App

How To Get Mtn 1.5Gb For As Low As N200 on MyMtn App

How to get free data on MyMtn App?
To get the free data which is 500mb on mymtn app download the app from google playstore or apple store and register with you valid mtn number. after that you will receive a congratulation message that you have been granted the free data.

1gb Airtel data plan for N200

How to get 1Gb Airtel data plan for N200

Airtel has been doing fine in Nigeria lately that why I also port my line especially when I got this new Airtel 1gb for N200, it was really amazing. You […]

free 1gb data on My Airtel App

How to get free 1gb data on My Airtel App

How can i get free 1gb on My Airtel app?
Get 1gb free data on airtel by downloading My Airtel App and register with your valid Airtel number, you can check your data balance by dailing *140# to know if you have been rewarded with the free data