Boredom or solitude by shaking tables with AA

Choosing Your Isolation Wisely; Boredom Or Solitude

How to cure boredom?

it is quit simple but complex as you think about it, curing boredom is not so hard, all you have to do is to put up a daily to-do list and put your mind at it by executing each task then you will see how drastically you’d kill boredom.

utilize this covid-19 lockdown period

How To Utilize This Covid-19 Lockdown Period

Utilizing This Covid-19 lockdown period Obviously the covid-19 viral outbreak or should I say pandemic is all over the globe as we all know. And this has kept us willingly […]

How to get Airtel 4.6gb for N200

How to activate Airtel 4.6gb For N200

How to get 4.6gb for N200 on Airtel?

To get Airtel 4.6gb for N200, send “Get” to “131” as text message. if you receive a congratulation message proceed to recharge your line using *143*pin#.

free 1gb data on My Airtel App

How to get free 1gb data on My Airtel App

How can i get free 1gb on My Airtel app?
Get 1gb free data on airtel by downloading My Airtel App and register with your valid Airtel number, you can check your data balance by dailing *140# to know if you have been rewarded with the free data