How to make Homemade pepper spray in 5 steps

How To Make Pepper Spray At Home In 5 Steps

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What is Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray is a chemical compound that irritates the eyes causing a burning sensation, pain, and temporary blindness also known as capsicum spray.

Why do you need pepper spray?

As its name implies, it can be used for protection or stop a posing threat be it from an animal, bullies or any other physical human attack.

This is enough reason why you should use it when you needed to. Notwithstanding these are the main reasons why it is created and legalize by some countries for self-defence.

protect yourself using pepper spray

Also, it is used by police in controlling riots, crowd control, self-defence by less powerful people in most cases. In case you find yourself in a situation like this, being attack by an animal, been bullied or any human threat, the best alternative way to protect yourself or stop the threat is by using pepper spray to scare off and temporarily blind the attacker immediately.

5 steps to Make your Homemade pepper spray

1. Get your Ingredients

The first thing needed to be done before you can start preparing pepper spray or anything at all is getting the active ingredients that will be used to make it, mostly household ingredients are used in pepper spray mixture.

The main ingredients are;

  • chilli or Cayenne pepper (highly recommended for its spiciness)
  • Garlic
  • Alcohol
  • Vegetable Oil
2. Put the pepper in a mixing cup

Before you continue with this step it is necessary to ensure all safety measures by using a safety google, face mask and hand gloves in other to protect yourself from choking fumes and possible splash from the process.

Add two teaspoons of cayenne or ground chilli pepper(dry pepper) and powdered garlic in a small clean glass cup in other for fine mixing. The garlic added is to make Scoville Hotness of the mixture more intense.

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3. Add Alcohol And Vegetable Oil

Add Alcohol either the common ethanol or isopropyl alcohol to the pepper in the mixing cup and stir it thoroughly.
The next to do is to add a teaspoon of vegetable oil. Note: two teaspoons of cayenne or chilli pepper to one teaspoon of vegetable oil, recommended quantity.

4. Allow the mixture to settle

After finishing up with the mixing, seal the mixing cup with nylon and a rubber band placed along the neck of the cup to avoid air penetration.
Then allow the mixture to settle down for some hours.

5. Filter And Package the mixture

However, after the mixture has settled down after some hours, get a Filter(coffee filter or cheesecloth) and another clean cup entirely, then gently pour the mixture on the filter placed on the new cup.

And lastly, the mixture won’t be left alone like that collecting the purified solution, so you get your body mist bottle and fill in the ready pepper spray solution.

Note that the instructions and steps provided in making homemade pepper spray in this article work but does not in any ways advise the violent use of it. Nevertheless, it is effective when used for the right course.

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