How to make money legitimately as student

How To Make Money Legitimately As A Student

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How Make Money Legitimately As An Undergraduate Student

Being a student can be stressful and frustrating if your parents or guardians aren’t financially buoyant. Bill keep on recurring, from tuition fee to hostel rents to feeding fee,handouts purchase and other miscellaneous expenses.

Making money yourself as a student can be a way to support your parents by taking care of some of these bills, and doing so it might give you stability in both your personal and educational life.

Although working while schooling is not easy but with these ways on how make money legitimately, you will see how easy it is to combine schooling and work life together. Let dive into the ways you can make money legitimately as an undergraduate student in Nigeria.

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How To Make Money Legitimately As An a Undergraduate Student With little or No Capital

The list below is an overview of some good skills that are reliable for making money as an undergraduate student either online or offline. pick one and carefully do research on it. Also Picking a particular niche and focusing on it is very important in other to succeed in it. Let’s dive into it.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn legitimate money online all around the world. it involves selling other people product or service for a commission.

It does not not necessarily means you are the one selling the product directly to the buyer. But you are still the one that is bring in the buyer, that all you do and If the buyer purchases the product you offer you get a commission from the affiliate company.

It is that simple and easy, all you need to do is to get a website and and find products you want to promote, get the affiliate link from the company and market their product to your audience on your blog, anytime anyone purchase from your blog or link, you will get a commission from the Affiliate company.

And if you don’t feel like showcasing the affiliate products through a blog or you see a blog as something a bit difficult to handle, you can as well choose to use social media platforms such as Facebook,twitter,Instagram, WhatsApp and so on.

To go about this you can choose to have a particular page for the affiliate product you are marketing with the target audience and promote the page for more potential customers.

2. Blogging

Another popular one is blogging due to the success story of the number one female blogger in Nigeria Linda ikeji. Blogging is one of the old way of making money online when you channel the right energy to it.

making money online through blogging

You can blog on things around the campus in other to have topics that you can easily write on at your fingertips and not running out of ideas. For example trending topics, gist, happenings around the university Campus or the culture Of the town where the university is location.

To get started with blogging what you need is a domain name and a hosting with right template or themes set up.

Then you can start posting useful and valuable content with right monetization on the blog such as Google AdSense,Mgid,Mediavine, affiliate marketing, showcasing affiliate products on your blog and so on.

Blogging might come easy but surely a lot of work have to be done before you start making money from the blog.

3. Copywriter

Copywriting simply involves persuasive sales in words. You write copies of articles or write-up that generate sales to business. This is really a gold mine if you master the skill.

It is a skill of selling product to customers through written words. Copywriting comes in form of e-mail marketing that is selling a company’s product through it email listing. writing copy on social media especially Facebook ads. you can make a fortune offering this service to businesses.

4. Social Media Manager

As a student you can work as social media manager, you simply manage social media pages of business owners by either branding it for wider coverage or increasing their sales through social media platforms.

It is one of easiest way to make money online as all you need to do is to update a company or business owner page regularly and get more sales through that page.

Moreover, It is worthy to note that social media management is a job widely needed as more and more businesses and brands are going online worldwide. As a social media manager you will always find clients who need your service.

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5. Online Tutoring

What are you gifted at or what knowledge do you have that people are seeking for, whatever it is you can tutor others online or offline about that skill or knowledge they are seeking for. all you need to do is to make use of online tutoring platform like Skype or zoom.

Or you could better still make a video of you teaching that skill or subject and selling it online through online market places such as fiverr,upwork,guru, your social media platforms and so on.

Don’t forget you can also do this in physical if you have the resources to host a life audience.

6. Online merchandise

The world is going Digital so also what we need on daily basis are seen in online stores such jumia, konga, Jiji, Shopify, Amazon, Ali express.

clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry, bags are most of the things needed by student in every day lives on campus. And from research students prefer to get what they need at their own convenience.

As a student you can offer these goods to your fellow student on a pre-order sales using your online department or faculty chat groups, through your WhatsApp status, Facebook stories and Instagram feeds.

Doing this you are saving them extra cost of ordering such goods on the large online stores that charge extra fee on Shipping the goods down to them.

Make Money With Learned Hand Work That Can Be Practiced Offline (In physical)

There are variety of skills that can be learned offline and use to make money such as fashion design, Baking, painting and interiors design, hair dresser, hair barbing, makeup and many more.

7. Painting and Interior design 

Painting has always been a way to beautify things and make it colorful.

In student environment, there are always series of newly built hostels every session, student relocating from one hostel to another, newly admitted student getting a new hostel. No matter how the case maybe painting service will always be required.

I can remember vividly when student relocate to a new hostel in my school they always want a colorful and a beautiful wallpaper design for their new apartment.

This an avenue if you have a painting skills to actually make money. And if don’t have a paint skills at all, you can enroll for a short time training in other to fit in. 

8. Hair dresser and makeup

Salons and markup artist work hand in hand mostly. Setting up a shop for this should not a be priority since you are a student with little capital that wants to make more money.

You can decide to use your room as your studio or make use of small space in your hostel. For example Nikky “A” which is now Hairmphasis when she was an undergraduate she always make use of the balcony in her hostel as her hair making space.

Having fix the hair of a customer, maybe the customer intend going to an event thereafter and requires a little markup to look good. That is the beauty of having both skills at the time since they go hand in hand.

9. Hair barbing

As for hair barbing you can work independently anywhere at anytime with your barbing tools with you.

This skill is gender biased here in Nigeria but either gender can use it to earn some income to their wallet. Hair cutting seem to be getting lucrative these days because research made it know that people tends to get their hair cut every 2 weeks.

As a Student you can decide it is a hostel to hostel service you want to be doing in which you will charge extra fee or probably have a space in your hostel where you cut hair.

10. Graphics design and photography 

Both skills complement each other, there is no way you could make a snap shot and not end up designing it either by adding filters or making some special effect on the photo you are editing.

Even with what is in vogue now, photo shoot has been a trend for a while now. Photo shoot of different kinds, birthday, wedding, baby shower, modeling photo shoot and many others.

Birthday photo shoot is common in student environment and this an avenue to tap-in into world of photography make money legitimately.

As graphics designers business owners require their services for design of business cards, fliers, banners for promotion of their businesses.

In conclusion, Making money legitimately online or offline requires cautious and professional approach with whosoever you are dealing with. And also knowing all your services are render online you have to create an online payment gateway solution in other to receive payment after rendering your services.

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