To know if an online revenue program or money making platform is legit or scam, all you have to do is follow the procedures in this article to know how to definitely identify one

How To Know If An Online Revenue Program Is Legit Or Scam in 2020

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As we all know a lot of online revenue program otherwise known as money-making platform as emerge in large number lately. And People are still seeking solutions to breakthrough and ways to boost their financial status.

But the fear of not been paid or scammed after completing an allocated task has made people lose interest in online revenue program otherwise known as money making scheme.


From my experience so far I can say online revenue programs are legit while some are scam. This just the frank truth but nevertheless there are online money-making programs that are 100% legit.

Don’t forget that before you join any online revenue programs or platform the first thing you need to know and questions you ask yourself are what i Have highlighted below in other to avoid been scammed.

1. what task will you perform to earn?

Answer: An Online Revenue program or platform will always require you to carry out a task before you can earn from it. The task may be of any kind as specified by the platform. Therefore from the task, you are required to perform do well to analyze if the task you want to carry out to earn worth it. In the sense that the task you’re assigned to carry out is it reasonable to what you Earn.

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2. What is their source of revenue generation?

Answer: In most cases, sources of revenue generations for these platforms are usually from adverts display, affiliate marketing, promotion and so on.

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3. Terms and conditions of the platform?

Answer: Check out the terms and conditions of the online revenue program in other to know the conditions applicable to any user on the platform.

4. Terms and conditions applied to their payments?

Answer: It is of no exemption if you want to be extremely sure if the platform will deliver.

5. Read The Privacy Policy of the online Revenue Program?

Answer: Check their privacy policy page to be sure of how your data on the platform is handled.

6. Check for Review on the platform?

Lastly, Do well to check reviews on any online platform you join or you just want to join.

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Let’s Do A Quick Check To Know Whether You Can Join An Online Revenue Program Or Not

1. Does the task you’re assigned worth what you earn?

Answer: If YES, go for it.
If NO, don’t do it.

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2. What is their source of revenue generation?

Answer: If it is through adverts, affiliate marketing, Sponsor post. You’re good to go for it.

3. Is the Terms and Conditions Rigid Or Flexible?

Rigidity or flexibility of the Terms and conditions are quite easy to know and that hint you on what to do.

4. Terms and conditions applied to payments?

It is determined by the revenue program or platform. But your instinct will take you if it is favourable or not.

5.check out their privacy policy?

After checking their privacy policy, If your information or data is safe with them go for it.

6. Check out Review on the platform?

After checking the review on the platform, you should be able to come to the conclusion that it is legit or Scam. Nevertheless, it is so rare to see review on new Online Revenue Programs or platforms.

Finally, If you’re able to find answers to all these questions above I think you should be able to have clarity on it and come to a conclusion whether it is legit or scam.

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