Mtn 1.5gb for as low as N200 on MyMtn App

How To Get Mtn 1.5Gb For As Low As N200 on MyMtn App

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Depending on your device and data offer by MyMtn App you can get Mtn 1.5Gb for as low as N200.

This plan was fully introduced during this lockdown period in other to help users reduce data usage cost.

Though it been a while since Mtn Nigeria introduced MyMtn App which was created in other to make it convenient for Mtn users to manage;

  • Their sim account, check voice balance and data plan balance.
  • Monitor data plan usage.
  • Recharge and buy data plan purchase.
  • Airtime and data top-up for loved ones.
  • Call history and to view call dialogues.
  • Access to key security codes like PUK number, and unlock sim card, free self customer service and many other functions.

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> Before you can activate the Mtn 1.5Gb you need to download MyMtn App via google play store for android devices and Appstore for IOS.

Or better still send “MYMTN” to “5018” as a text message to receive the download link to the App.

> After downloading the app launch it and register with a valid Mtn number.

The most interesting part is that upon completion of registration you will be granted 500Mb for completing your registration on the App.

> And if you already registered for to the App before you can save yourself the stress of going through this step.

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Then you can proceed to activate Mtn 1.5gb for N300 and 1gb for N200.

All you need have to do is to follow the instructions below promptly:

1. launch the app and locate “Mega deal zone” click on it and click on “Topdeal” after that a page will pop-up showing you the data bundle offer that is available for your sim.

2. Recharge your sim with the eligible amount to purchase the data bundle offer available to you.

3. click on Accept and the data plan will be activated. check for pictures illustration below.

OR better still dial *121*1# to see data offer available for you from Mtn top deal

Note: This data plan is valid for 7 days, conversely this data plan is totally different from the one of Mtn 1gb for N200.

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