free 1gb data on My Airtel App

How to get free 1gb data on My Airtel App

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Airtel is now giving out free 1gb data to all it’s users to help ease expense on data consumption in this global pandemic lockdown.

since a lot of people tends to be surfing the internet 24/7 while some people have taken to carry out their businesses online in this general lockdown period.

This free airtel data is not cheat data nor fraudulent data accumulate scheme but a free data plan system introduced by Airtel itself to welcome users to the App.

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1. However, all Airtel users are eligible to activate the free Airtel data by downloading “My Airtel App” through google playstore on android and Appstore on IOS devices.

2. After downloading the App, launch it and register with your valid Airtel number.

3. when you are done with the registration you will receive a text message as shown below.

How to get free 1gb data on My Airtel App

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