How to get Airtel 3gb with My Airtel TV App

How to get Airtel 3gb with My Airtel TV App

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My Airtel TV App was created for the purpose of streaming videos, Music and unlimited video download of Nollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood, telenovela and other TV series across the world just like Netflix but not totally like Netflix which requires you to subscribe with some amount of money before you can use it.

Streaming on my airtel Tv application is solely based on Data subscription and no monthly subscription fee.

However, Airtel is using this period to bring more user to use the Application by incorporating 3gb data plan incentive bonus which can be used for downloading and streaming movies on the Application. This App is different from ” My Airtel App” which was formerly introduced.

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To get My Airtel Tv App 3gb data bonus

Follow the instructions below promptly:

1. Click here to download Airtel Tv App for Android and here for IOS users. Then install it.

2. Launch the App and register with your valid airtel sim. (Note that this App only works with airtel sim and airtel data connection only.

And don’t forget the sim you want to use to activate the offer must be on the same phone with the App.)

3. Enter your phone number to receive a one-time pin (OTP) to complete your registration.

4. Wait for some minutes to receive a congratulation message that you have been granted 3gb data plan bonus.

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