How to make money on inforib revenue program in 2020

Inforib Review: How To Earn N5000 Weekly On Inforib Revenue

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Inforib Revenue Program is an online revenue website where you can earn money by simply performing a specific task such as providing Answers to Questions, Posting an article And also affiliate program.

What is Inforib Revenue Program?

Inforib is a revenue sharing website. As you know websites make money when people visit it daily, read articles, watch videos, and find help. it is a platform where you can ask questions, answer questions, publish articles, comment on articles, read articles, watch videos, refer other people to join the program. Whatever you do on Inforib, you get paid from the revenue generated on the site.

Despite the fact that a lot of online revenue programs are available out there that requires you to register with some amount of money and you still have to ascertain some allocated task before you can earn on such platform.

That seems a bit justified that they are legit right? YES and NO, because there have been series people that testify that they earn through it and some the other way round probably because they could not get a referral to the program and while some that thoroughly follows terms and conditions of the program did not even get anything from it. That’s a bit painful and waste of money right.

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Is Inforib Revenue Program Legit Or Scam?

This is the first question youbneed to ask in any money-making online programs, inforib is not a scam because they have proven their ways of making money online. But before I continue I would like to ask a question:

Do you know how opera companies earn from publishers?

If you do then you are good to go but if you don’t then, I will answer it myself.

Opera company owns both opera mini and opera news platform that we all know, they generate revenue from adverts on their platforms such as monetizing embedded adverts on their app in different ways and sponsored post that is exactly the same ways inforib generates income from monetizing it’s platform too, they have embedded adverts code on their website which generates a lot of revenues for them as people visit their website.

They divide the income generated from the adverts display and share it within their publishers or registered members.

But with Inforib revenue program, to join the program is completely free (NO REGISTRATION FEE REQUIRED). In fact, no fee is required throughout the program before you can earn.

How To Make Money On Inforib Revenue Program

Inforib Revenue Program only requires you to;

1. Register: register with your valid details. After Registration, you will be given 1000 point which is equivalent to N1000 as a welcome bonus.

how to Earn on inforib revenue

2. You can earn on inforib by Reading news, making comments on news, Providing answers to Questions.

3. Posting an Article: you earn N500 for an article that is approved.

How make money on inforib revenur

4. Affiliate: otherwise known as a referral, you earn N5 on a person you refer to join the program.

Inforib Revenue Program Payment Methods

Inforib main payout method is through the admin by sending a mail. And also, you can only withdraw or cash out your earnings from inforib revenue program once your earnings have reached the threshold of N5000.

Break Down Of Earnings On Inforib Revenue

  • Free registration – No Signup fee required.
  • After completing the registration you get N1000 signup bonus.
  • N5 for every person you refer (Do not try to register multiple accounts).
  • Earn N5 for every question you ask And every question well answered Respectively.
  • N500 for every article you publish.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings From Inforib Revenue Program

To withdraw your earnings on Inforib Revenue Program, send a mail to the Inforib admin “ with the subject specification “Revenue cash out” or “inforib withdraw” then you will be attended to by the admin on your withdrawal.

Nevertheless, do not forget to check the terms and conditions applied to each task allocated to you.

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