How to get Airtel 4.6gb for N200

How to activate Airtel 4.6gb For N200

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You might have noticed that I have been pushing out the article on how to get free and cheap data plans lately. Today i will show you “How to get Airtel 4.6gb for N200”. Note this data plan is not cheat but an offer from Airtel).

I’m doing this in other to help the masses maximize the cost of data plan since everyone has taken to do most of their businesses online and also the lock-down has made most people explore the internet greatly for things of interest.

However, this to help people cut the cost of getting data plans amid this pandemic since more expenses are already procure by the masses.

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Eligibility to Activate the Airtel 4.6gb for N200

> Your Airtel sim must be more than 3 months old.

> Then send “GET to 141” as text message, you will get a reply as shown below. if you did not it means you are not eligible for this data plan.

> If you get the reply as shown in the screenshot above proceed to Recharge N200 on your sim using *143*Cardpin#

> And boom, you will get a whopping 4.6Gb data plan which is valid for 30 days.

> To check your data balance dial *140#.

Don’t forget you can accumulate the data plan by dialing *143*cardpin#.

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