Boredom or solitude by shaking tables with AA

Choosing Your Isolation Wisely; Boredom Or Solitude

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Boredom or solitude brought to you by “Shaking Tables With AA”

I’d like to start this article by stating three obvious facts, yeah?

  • There’s a viral outbreak, a pandemic claiming lives on a global scale.
  • Due to this pandemic, we’re being forced to spend an awful amount of time with the same set of people (family), doing the same things every day.
  • And the very last obvious fact is you most likely don’t know what day it is.

You see, in order to curb the spread of this ongoing pandemic, the humans around the world is been forced to stay in isolation. As a result, being “bored in the house, bored” is almost inevitable, sadly. But what if I told you you have a choice? What if I said you could send boredom on a journey of no return? Sounds interesting right?

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What Is Boredom?

You see, boredom is a state of mind and like every state of mind, it has an opposite “Solitude” in this case. Trying to define boredom at this point would be almost pointless, as I’m sure you must have experienced all shades of that. Solitude, on the other hand, is more of being conscious of that boredom, practically enjoying the boredom mehn. What I mean is.

Chill, I’m sure you’d love to know how to convert boredom to the “isolation” this one is talking about. Well, it’s pretty easy.

Here are three(3) ways To Convert Boredom To Solitude

One is to block the noise, reduce the pressure and give yourself peace of mind. Forget what any “aspire to perspire” must have told you for a second. See, it’s okay to just sleep and see movies throughout this isolation. Taking online courses are great and all but make sure you don’t do them as a result of the pressure. Just do them as if you want to but if you’re venturing into it due to the pressure, my dear you’ll just “knock” like tiger generator midway. So, learn to give yourself peace of mind and never underrate peace of mind don’t forget.

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The next thing is to have a routine. Create an achievable routine, starting with something minute. Do them daily and upon completion, celebrate yourself, you’d be amazed at how much this would affect your “boredom” positively.

The very last thing is to develop or join a community who have a similar daily routine as you do. It could be with your partner, basically, it helps when two or more people are doing the same thing, the “ginger” won’t be able to die down easily, these simple hacks on how to cure boredom and have a fun-filled day.

Apply these three hacks and watch your boredom take a drastic turn around. My name is Abiola Aduragbemi, do stay safe.

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