How to manage miscellaneous expenses

How To Manage Miscellaneous expenses

Miscellaneous expenses or budget are generally generated in the process when a budget is being drafted and extra spending or emergency funds are being included in the Miscellaneous category of […]

How to make money legitimately as student

How To Make Money Legitimately As A Student

How Make Money Legitimately As An Undergraduate Student Being a student can be stressful and frustrating if your parents or guardians aren’t financially buoyant. Bill keep on recurring, from tuition […]

starting your online business

5 Steps To Starting Your Online Business

Starting your online business must have been one great thing on your mind to do this year but you are more specific about it being online rather than offline like […]

Mtn 1.5gb for as low as N200 on MyMtn App

How To Get Mtn 1.5Gb For As Low As N200 on MyMtn App

How to get free data on MyMtn App?
To get the free data which is 500mb on mymtn app download the app from google playstore or apple store and register with you valid mtn number. after that you will receive a congratulation message that you have been granted the free data.

How to get Airtel 3gb with My Airtel TV App

How to get Airtel 3gb with My Airtel TV App

How can i get free 3gb on Airtel TV App?
To get the free 3gb data, download My Airtel Tv on google playstore or Applestore, install it an d register with your valid airtel number. Then you get a congratulation message you have been granted 3gb valid for 6 days.

how to get Mtn 1gb for N200 by dialing *567*140#

How to Activate Mtn 1gb for N200

MTN is back again with their welcome back Data bonus of 1gb data plan for N200. It was introduced first from the beginning of the year even though they are […]